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Swimming pool

Beschreibung des Projekts

This unique project demonstrates in the best way how well our rocks can be used in outdoor areas. Thanks to our special waterproofing for wet areas, we can easily not only cover your swimming pool area with the rocks, but also give it a completely extraordinary, extravagant look.

Our rocks are built according to the personal preferences of our customers to create a grotto. In addition, not only a waterfall, but also the light, which can be used in a variety of colors and tones, is integrated into the swimming pool. With the increase of the water volume, a closed water curtain is created and the view into the grotto remains blocked. The intensity of the splashing can also be adjusted individually via the water volume – depending on your mood and the time of day. The flow of water over the grotto into the swimming pool gives a feeling of nature and can be conveniently turned on and off via a light switch.

What do you think about this one-of-a-kind swimming pool area?

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